Interesting .NET Links – September 15 , 2010

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1. Just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean we still can’t play in the sand ( Greg Duncan )

Greg Duncan explains about Michael’s article on SandCastle to produce documentation for your .NET code using the XML documentation comments

2. Windows API Code Pack v1.1 Released ( Arik Poznanski )

Arik Poznanski talks about Windows API Code Pack v1.1. The Current release contains the bug fixes and the components like Shell Object Watcher, Thumbnail Handler API etc.

3. EF Caching with Jarek Kowalski’s Provider ( ADO.NET Team )

The ADO.NET team highlights the Entity Framework caching and tracing tool kit.

4. Maximizing Productivity with the Visual Studio 2010 Silverlight Designer ( Dan Wahlin )

Dan Wahlin highlights the new features of the Silverlight visual designer included in Visual Studio 2010 . windows-phone-7.aspx windows-phone-7.aspxDave Edson talks about the Accelerometer included in the Windows Phone 7 devices .

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