How to Add Apps and Webpage to the Home Screen in Windows Phone 7

Adding the Apps to the Windows Phone 7 Home Screen .

  1. You can add the WP7 Apps to the Home screen by tapping and holding the application in the launcher.
  2. Select “pin to start” to add the Application to the Home Screen

Adding a webpage to the Home Screen .

Do you browse a website frequently in your Windows Phone 7 , then you might find it interesting to include the webpage to the Home Screen .

  1. Open the Internet Explorer in .
  2. Load the webpage that you want to view .
  3. Tap the three Dots that can be seen in the right bottom corner of the Windows Phone 7 and just drag it up to view the options menu .
  4. Select the “pin to start” menu  to add the webpage in HomeScreen

Simiarly , one can add the contacts , OneNote documents to the home page too .

You can Remove the item from the Home Page too .

  1. Tap and hold the Application in the Home Screen , and click the icon unpin as shown in the below screenshot to remove the Application from Home Screen .

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