How to install Windows 8 on Virtual Box ?

Windows 8 is definitely getting lot of attention from last few days . The new Operating System from Microsoft which is currently in the developer Preview and is available for the users to download .

I have downloaded the Developer Preview Version and was planning to install it in the VMWare and because of some reason , i could not do it in the VMPlayer 3 and have described it here

I am currently downloading VMWare Workstation to try to see if the Windows 8 Developer Preview installs on a VMWare Workstation 8 . I will write about it once i install it .

In the mean time , i wanted to give to install Windows 8 on VirtualBox . Below are the steps to install Windows 8 on Virtual Box .

How to install Windows 8 in Virtual Box ?

1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed VirtualBox . You can download VirtualBox here

2 . Download Windows 8 Developer Preview . Know more about the download location here

3 . Start the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager and click New Button to create a new installation .

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